Little Things

happy-lawn2Normalcy can come with different connotations. Most of the time however, it represents the simple ebb-&-flow of good ol’ daily life. When ‘regular’ is easily enough absorbed and we honestly anticipate each day being pretty regular. I’ve been hoping for, praying for, and working towards such normalcy for some years and I feel I may actually be close. My daily commute now, involves about two and a half hours of driving; and driving up and down interstates near DC. Thus, I leave home early and get home late. My new position is with an organization that is badly behind pace in a number of areas, and thus quickstep is the movement of choice involving anything, at any time. Yet, basic goodness is taking place in and around my home this week in the form of mowing, raking, and some basic home repairs. That may sound innocuous to you but I assure you, life can progress in ways that make such activities pipe-dreams. I am so very grateful to God for the growing normalcy, in my life. I pray it might only continue to flourish into an abundant harvest.

Unto the Hills

unto the hills mainPsalm 121:1-8 (KJV) – I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

God has led me through unimaginable pain and struggle at times. Some of which, I assert him having in love, orchestrated. He has never forsaken me. Monday represents a new beginning I have waited years for. I am beyond grateful for the newness God has provided, in my path. My road still lies before me and I still walk it with immense and sincere hope. I give thanks and praise to my Most High God for his glorious goodness and care.

Poem – The Road (before me)


richard jewell aLet’s not forget that this poor soul - Richard Jewell had nothing to do with the Centennial Olympic Park bombing during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. He was in fact an honest hero that got 150 people to safety before the bomb exploded. Can you imagine what history would look like had he not done so. The largest pipe bomb in US history would have been one of the most devastating acts of terrorism on American soil. This simple fellow serving as a minimum wage security guard, noticed a suspicious backpack in a suspicious location; and had the wherewithal to take action. Again, saving over 150 people from being directly in line of the blast. He was falsely accused by law enforcement and media of planting the bomb himself, but was fully exonerated following an investigation by the FBI. Having been accused, Mr. Jewell never fully got his life back and will forever be associated with the bombing when he in fact saved so many lives that day.

eric rudolph 1

Eric Rudolph in custody

Let’s also, not forget that this guy - Eric Rudolph - was the actual culprit to place this bomb, and many others over time before being caught. Perhaps we might add this to the many other historical examples of humanity racing to convict the innocent without careful reasonable examination. Richard Jewell died at age 44 without ever receiving the gratitude of our nation he so rightly deserved.

richard jewell 1

Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell – 1962-2007

she wants (for nothing)

there beneath her paper skin
lies a motive deep within
what she wants, she wants
this shall all be proved
a nasty seedling in her heart
planted there, due in part
to all she wants, she wants
she shall not be moved

she sees herself a painting
a sonnet, poem or prose
sees herself a soliloquy
a moment, dream, a pose

she sees herself as morning air
deems herself an answered prayer
all she wants, she wants
expels a stale sigh, smooth
proclaims to be a breath inhaled
declares herself a song exhaled
what she wants, she gets
she shall not be moved

she feels herself a homily
a monologue, a scent
sees herself a tragedy
a pauper’d princess, rent

she must be the narrative
adorned with superlatives
what she wants, she takes
she shall not be reproved
all others merely serve to tell
players to convey her tale
what she wants, she rapes
she shall not be moved

- t.e. davis

Audience of One

aud-o-1-cAdmittedly, I traditionally thought of blogging as ludicrous. I’ve shared before that it seemed to be millions of souls writing to themselves. Some years later after being convinced it might be a good outlet – I’m sold. It has indeed become a wonderful outlet and in fact quite therapeutic for me, in many ways. I don’t deviate terribly from the types of things I prefer to write about but wholly enjoy having the ability to express myself. I recognize that quite often, I am writing to myself. Or perhaps better; refining my thoughts. As I write, I contemplate my subject. I consider. I craft and edit these thoughts as I write. Traditionally, I gave little thought to others even reading them. It was just a lovely outlet for the personal. If someone read them (& more so if they shared related thoughts), I was only thrilled with the notion of participating in that small connection. If your eyes have read my words – I want to say thank you. Not to delve too, deeply in the philosophically ethereal but humanity truly is a single fabric. As we experience each other in any manner, we weave ourselves into each other’s lives and beings. And thus, sew these threads into the lives of yet others … concentrically … across generations. That is a powerful truth and one that with any consideration comes with responsibility. I hope I have exercised some measure of personal accountability in what I’ve shared here. More than anything however, I pray that something shared might be of encouragement to someone. That some sentence at some point helped to lift someone – however slightly.

We all have foundations to define. What we believe and why. It is from these foundations that our lives develop meaning and purpose. It’s from these foundations that we define our values of what and whom we love and care for – why, and how that should be manifest in our own lives and actions. That’s hard to do. I pray that God would bless any set of eyes that might ever find these words. My own simple message in my own little bottle, in a great big sea of assertions and thoughts. For all my expressions and expounding, I ultimately have only one thing to share that I assert as invaluable to every breathing soul. It is imperative that you decide who you believe the man, Jesus to be. To do so, you must know him. To know him is a life-long journey into the heart of love and good. I am confident that if you bother to begin this journey – past the churches and the institution that is modern [often badly interpreted] Christianity, you will find substance such as you have never known. I am confident that if you are sincere in your journey to know him – you will; and he will become the foundation of all you are. I pray God will bless your efforts to know him; and know him well. Personally.

Face to Face

eye2eye 2When a small child is frightened or hurt, they instinctively run for their parents. It is innate. Safety, help and comfort await them if they can just find those loving arms. The sad truth is that many parents lack the health to offer this refuge of love; but it is inherently in the heart and mind of every child that they will find what they need for any given problem, in the presence of their parents. We never stop being children and thus, we never stop having need for safety, help and the comfort of loving assurance. With each passing year and each passing moment, I grow increasingly desirous for one thing. It takes precedence in value over every other desire or need. It is the treasure I await. The dream I long for. Best of all, it is assured. One day, I will realize this dream. One fine day, I will certainly and surely see it come to pass. It is enough to compensate for any degree of pain or suffering leading to that moment, and that moment is all I ultimately need.

One day, I will look into the eyes of Jesus Christ. One day, I will look into the eyes that know every step I’ve taken, every tear shed, every drop of blood loss. Eyes that know every moment of struggle and pain – every instance of betrayal. Eyes that serve to be the vision for the very heart of love. That source-heart of love will look into my eyes and communicate such acceptance, forgiveness and empathy that not one portion of pain can remain. That moment will wipe every heart-wrenching moment preceding it, away. Leaving only a soul that will wonder in the glory of the heart behind those eyes – forever.

Psalms 17:18 (Liv Bib) – “For my contentment is not in the things of this world; but on that day when I awake in heaven … I will be fully satisfied in seeing you face to face”.

Poem – Dust of the Crucifix

Shattering God

Broken_StatueSometimes it occurs through revelation, as we are better postured to receive the understanding through simple life experiences. More often than not it stems from some significant occurrence or circumstance that forces us to reexamine our faith and related views of God. It doesn’t mandate pain and suffering to take place but quite often involves or surrounds it. It is certain to occur at times throughout each of our lives, if we possess even a modicum of desire to grow spiritually. Over time, we each build our respective images of God based on this or that serious or casual spiritual consideration. No matter how accurate or lacking the image, it is always just an image. A perspective – a view – an idea – a belief; utterly and necessarily lacking the properties and substance to reflect the whole of God. With time, these incomplete images become our complete views of God, as we look to them to represent him in our circumstances. Because the image lacks completion, God must sometimes crush it in our lives, hearts and minds. Some fragments and portions – large or small may indeed be accurate; but too much inaccurate … incomplete … wrong … has been combined so as to make our idea of God useless – or even destructive. An omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God that isn’t completely holy … isn’t completely loving … is a bit childish or insecure … is a terrible and frightening prospect. Yet we allow and even feed these incomplete ideas of God and carry these perspectives into each and every life situation. We often find ourselves angry with or perhaps worse, indifferent to God in these times. This god that we’ve built through our faith must often be shattered that we may begin to see more of the God That Is; … more of I AM!

Poem – One of These

a shadow shared

a single form, a single shape
single threads of woven fate
a single shadow, me and you
a single love, a single two
devoid of division, no separate seen
pressed to breast, no space between
age old tale, two paths converge
single lives meet and merge
steps mingle, hands clasp
hearts join and souls grasp
separate souls now, align
share a shadow, yours and mine

- t.e. davis

the road (before me)

the-road 2

my path lay sure before me
it lay at my feet broad before me
it stretched long and wide before me
it poured out promise deep before me
pick my places and moments of pause
i would choose my stands of cause
i would be wise and sure to note
avoid the slippery slope
dirt trodden by those before me
feet that patted the path before me
souls that softened the sod before me
those that walked the earth before me
stumble in potholes hidden from sight
tripped by others blind to right
falsely accused, my tale is true
i was beaten and robbed by you
the ruts were lined with those before me
some lay still, some moved before me
good or bad, against or for me
discern the steps ordained just for me
so much of the road now, lay behind me
how would those that care now, find me
would they think me worn and frail
would they say that i had failed
my path now, lay obscure before me
what road would then be mine before me
with past behind and more before me
what remained sure before me
forward lay ahead for me

- t.e. davis

Measuring Love

measure love 3How could this be done and what would be the goal? I believe it can and indeed should be done at frequent junctures, in our lives. I believe it is critical to account for love as we go through each day. To note those times and instances when love was invested in our lives in forms of care and kindness that were life-giving and life-affirming. We don’t do this to ensure others are measuring up to our expectations for love – but instead to recognize and marvel at the extension of love in its many splendid forms. For there will surely come those days and circumstances when we may believe we see no evidence of love from those closest to us, and perhaps never did. To doubt the sincerity of love is to not allow for the fullness of love. If the love was genuine and we believed it when we savored it, then it is imperative to carry that measure of love recollected, into our time of relational trial.

1 Peter 4:8 (NIV) – Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

If love covers over a multitude of sins … then it will surely serve to cover over colored perception and trying times of relational distance. Those cancerous views that wash over us when we are impressed that love has departed – or worse, turned against us. Genuine love will seek to find us. We may mistakenly take its approach for that of an enemy. It is crucial that we trust in these times that love wants only to connect and bless and love us yet, more.

Poem – “Love”