a day in a life

i read the news today – oh boy
about a lucky man who left this life
i bowed and wept and clenched my fists
and asked why him, not i
the story read plain and clear
a heart just stopped keeping pace
a last breath seeped from drying lips
a lucky man left the race
so sad, so many will surely find
this tale of life that ceased
so blind, so many says i
that fail to find the peace
too young, too soon, too loved they say
his life now, unfulfilled
as if this life were one thing more
than pain for those here, still

- t.e. davis

welcome home

my ultimate goal, his holy face to see
as i stand before him, nothing more than just me
to delight in the radiant love from his eyes
as he gazes on me
to fold into the protective strength of his arms
as he embraces me
to cherish the music in his splendid voice
as he speaks to me
welcome home my child, with whom i am well pleased

- a.n. davis-reynolds

Retro Revelation

BBoys-Pet Sounds cover art 2I love music; all kinds of music. I know many say this but I couldn’t be more sincere. From Stravinsky to Hank Williams Sr to Hendrix. From Ray LaMontagne to Sam Cook to Sinatra to Alice Cooper to Merle Haggard – if it’s good, I want to hear it. I keep lots of music on-hand. When the mood strikes, eh? Like many, I have massive amounts of old classic rock. Tons of ELP and T-Rex. Pink Floyd is actually my all-time favorite band for too many reasons. A fact that might make the following seem a bit odd to other music nerds.

I possess exactly 4 Beach Boys songs. 3 for no particular reason except they were on someone’s player at some point in time and we did a swap. The only Beach Boys song I wanted was My Room because … well, it’s My Room. Love the harmonies. I guess I’ve always just thought of the Beach Boys as that band; the pop harmony guys. A group of utterly average voices that sounded otherworldly in chorus. Sadly, I just held the view that if you’ve heard any Beach Boys song – right – heard’em all. I’ve heard a million people say how great a particular Beach Boys album was. Literally – from Paul McCartney saying it was the inspiration for Sgt Pepper’s to artist-after-artist saying it was a solitary influence in their musical development and direction. Why these declarations never stirred me to give this album a listen is a bit beyond me. I suppose it speaks to how deeply entrenched my perspective was about the Beach Boys. Surfin’ / car tunes in harmony and I never cared much for surfin’ / car tunes.

So I finally sat down to listen to this album. The Beach Boys Pet Sounds. What can I say that doesn’t sound completely trite, at this point. The album is only a half-century old and I’ve never bothered to see if there was more to it than my preconceived notions. It’s everything I love most in a good album. It is NOT a collection of good songs. It’s a story. Take it however you wish – it is a journey. One of the reasons Pink Floyd is my favorite band. I’ve rarely wanted to hear a Pink Floyd song, as much as I wanted to hear the entire album. Hearing Money on the radio is fine but it only makes me want to hear the whole Dark Side album and take that journey. That wonderful adventure of thought that one cannot help but embark on with such music. Pet Sounds is that adventure – that ‘trip’.

dsotm cover

ray-lamontagne-supernovaSpeaking of Ray LaMontagne – if you’ve not heard his latest album Super Nova – it’s a monumental throw-back to the very same full-music production style, sound and concept as albums like Pet Sounds. If you could wrap up that early period of pre-progressive sound you would have Super Nova. Like Pet Sounds … it’s awesome!

Here’s a link to listen to Pet Sounds


there in hand, on the end of my arm
capturing my spark and charm
my trusty camera snaps a blink
just as i smile and wink
clickity, click – aim and shoot
gosh i always look so cute
fingers tremble, aim and squeeze
adoring masses sure to please
i rush to update every page
notices go out in haste
a new selfie there to see
yours truly – come see me

i see me, you see me
we can all delight in me
oh how happy all must be
i see, you see, we see me

oh the bliss with each new post
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstrange that i should be the host
why don’t others market me
market me for all to see
bold and bright, i cast my smile
for others get to see my smile
oh how blessed the eyes that see
me, myself and me

- t.e. davis


common, average, all-the-same
fearful, timid, tepid and tame
colorless, odorless, mild and dull
languid, lifeless, void and null
aspire to the wretched brackish abyss
milquetoast moribund nothingness
middleton middlesome middle-of-road
a life amid middles, poured from a mold
wade in shallow suburban enclaves
sleep in fields of temperate safe
sure to find peace, secure in your rest
nestled there in your moderate nest
secure from different, your sameness assured
be prudent and watchful for change is sure
uniqueness, an evil sly and covert
be vigilant mindful and ever alert
for difference lurks not far from your door
knocking – beseeching you, open for more
hold fast to your passive wavering heart
lest cracks in your apathy weaken your guard
impassioned indifference lukewarm and bland
cow-head-brun-of-mill fare for also-rans
plastic, vapid, obtuse and opaque
ambivalent, stoic, flaccid and fake
normalcy knows majority’s right
found amidst the black and white
be normal – be nothing and heed my words
normalcy always travels in herds

- t.e. davis

Nick Cave – “God Is In The House” (click to listen)

it’s all been said

prompts to love one and all
pronounced, the lean since the fall
from adam and eve, each woman and man
from every head and heart and hand
so much to fill my heart and head
it’s all been said
it’s all been said

solomon wrote so long, ago
all we need to know – we know
advance and grow, a collective feign
all that has been will be again
so much to speak, silence instead
it’s all been said
it’s all been said …

- t.e. davis

Takin’ Hits

Jesus & BatMy relationships with a number of other Christians have been increasingly tested and strained. Where I remain wholly devoted to God through Christ, as my Savior; I have joyfully sought to dismiss and move beyond those elements of my faith that were nothing more than dysfunctional religion. The last 7 years have been a shaking out of so many metaphorical prayer rugs in my life to remove the spiritual dust and plasticity that can settle on one’s faith. This has not always been embraced by other believers where they believed instead that I wasn’t being the ‘good Christian’ they deemed I should be – and specifically how they deemed I should be. I have thus, spent years tasting too many experiences of spiritual condemnation and judgment from the badge-wearing legalistic bat-swingers. I have only recently stopped doing something I have done my entire life. I’ve stopped going to church. Where I long for genuine fellowship with other believers, I can no longer bear to suffer through what is little more than a period of religious observance; including ‘thanks’ to the soul that brought the pecan brownies and the reminder to give generously, as is the will of God. The adage “What Would Jesus Do” that was so popular some years back makes me wince to contemplate, today; as I don’t think many in church would care. I just know I can’t stand it any longer – yet, the scripture of Hebrews 10:25 burns in my mind and heart.

I pray for God to move among his people – beginning with me.

being weary (i would rest)

the sun arose, as did i
birthed anew i breathed a sigh
filled with want and want my quest
passions burned within my breast
truth to find, love to know
seek the good of life to grow
tolls were taken with each test
being weary, i would rest

hints of wonder met with time
hope of good to grow, sublime
sweetness tasted, pure and blessed
splendid dreams to be suppressed
pay and pay and pay more, still
moved to stand through prayer and will
pushed, punched, prodded and pressed
being weary, i would rest

fellow travelers met with miles
extended selves with broadened smiles
corrupt, the hands that feign caress
will to steal and dreams molest
tempt my heart to grow askew
tomorrow’s promise awaits my view
searching takes me east and west
being weary, i would rest

there waits a day i’ve yet to meet
this day-of-days to surely greet
my sojourn here will end, as guest
the breath he lent, he’ll surely wrest
i’ve lived to long to meet this day
aware now, of all i pray
valleys long with peaks to crest
being weary – i will rest

- t.e. davis

(Inspired by Twain’s “Five Boons of Life”)