mama gorilla groove

buttery blondie wonder, wiggles giggles and shakes
always to ponder, mind filled with flakes
flakes like snow the powder grows to cloud and blur and blind
buttery blondie wonder, wandered in his mind

sexy chickeny yellow fluff-puff
i-ism’s duck-hut stuff-stirred
dos turtles soft and round and smooth
momma-gorillagroped, grabbed, petted and purred

mama gorilla all wrapped in sweet
pressed her heart to his to meet
aimed her words in one smooth move
mama gorilla found her groove

– as told to papa gorilla by mama gorilla

all for naught

two seeds cupped in palms held high
raised aloft in prayer
plant the seeds for both must die
to grow through hope and care

one seed lay deep, planted poor
the weight of life too great
too deep to reach the forest floor
their life with us would wait
another seed there sweetly placed
laughter wrapped his soul
love poured out full to cultivate
the goodness they might know

naught treesoil to shelter, watered well
named them loved through nurture, taught
love and life infused through light
grew just pain; thus, how they wrought
bled again through bleeding, brought
all in vain, all for naught

– t.e. davis

Cultivating Care

Cute yellow baby chickWe’ve all known happy souls. We’ve known the stoic, angry, and thoughtful. Others that had particular aspects of their character and makeup that lent much towards defining them. I’ve known an inordinate number of unusually selfish souls and they have always fascinated me to some degree. The main reason for such interest is the inherent obstacle to their personal growth in good. Someone that contends much with anger can still be a very empathetic person; thus, able to move in that care for good – towards growing beyond their shortcomings. The same is true for most elements of personal composition. However, selfishness – self-absorption – ironically prohibits a soul from caring about such growth. It is a broken malaise that precludes them from giving any value to care for others, in any real manner; as they are ultimately only really concerned about satisfying self.

I have watched selfishness, argued with it, wept for it and been sliced and diced by it. It is cold and numbing and the very worst of ugly among humanity. Where we all have our moments of selfishness, there is an unnerving chill that emanates from the self-focused soul. Knowing them well means being aware they only see you as a commodity to use and benefit from. The selfish soul only sees others as a means to their personal profit. Selfishness is the tepidness of personal substance. It is why Christ said he would spew the lukewarm from his mouth – as they were neither hot nor cold. For being at least hot or cold is a place of posture that can be impacted for change. A cold soul can feel the heat of circumstance and be ignited to life and good. A hot soul can be impressed in redirection of their passion. The selfish soul faces the almost impossibility of being prompted to move from their tepid lukewarm personal wants to care for good beyond themselves. A deeply pitiable soul indeed.

Poem – Soulless Some

Yellow Puff

billowy soft, little yellow light
bouncy bounding puffed with fright
wee bedroom condor spry and quick
feathery fellow peck and pick
beautifully fearsome, proud and smart
made your nest a home in our hearts
songs to sing, chorus to call
charley horace headbrief the breath to sing them all

 … for charley horace – you will be missed

– t.e. davis

Prelude to the Holocaust

armenia 1915 mainPublic Notice, Kayseri, 15 Jun 1915: “Leave all your belongings – your furniture, your beddings, your artifacts. Close your shops and businesses with everything inside. Your doors will be sealed with special stamps. On your return, you will get everything you left behind. Do not sell property or any expensive item. Buyers and sellers alike will be liable for legal action. Put all your money in a bank in the name of a relative who is out of the country. Make a list of everything you own, and give it to the specified official so that all your things can be returned to you later. You have ten days to comply with this ultimatum.

armenian genocide 1

This was a public notice issued by the Turkish government to Armenian citizens of Turkey to begin what became the Armenian genocide. April 24 will mark the 100th anniversary of one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed. On April 24, 1915 the Turkish army, at the direction of the Turkish government began taking huge numbers of Armenians into custody. These Armenians were among the best and brightest. They began with these Armenians for good reason. These were leaders among the Armenian people living in Turkey. They removed these individuals that they could then go on to kill an estimated one and a half million Armenians between 1915 and 1923; and drive another million from Turkey. The Turkish government to this day refers to this period of history as a “mass deportation” and denies genocide occurred. Adolf Hitler had this to say about Turkey’s “deportation”.

“Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians.” – Adolf Hitler 1939

Hitler went on to use the Turkish atrocities against the Armenians, as a model in removing the Jews. Hitler saw how the world was indifferent to the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Turks and believed he too, could commit such horrendous offenses and get away with it.

armenian genocide 3A few years, ago I had never heard of the Armenian genocide. I would venture to say most others are fairly ignorant to this historic crime against humanity. As I have learned more about it, I have felt shame as an American citizen, where we have repeatedly failed to formally recognize this event and sickened as to why. The term genocide gets used easily and readily by our own government in describing such events in Rwanda or Bosnia. Describing these historic conflicts as such doesn’t impede our military presence on foreign soil; or our oil flow. Saying Turkey committed genocide however, means we might have trouble keeping a military presence in their country; or interruptions to the flow of certain resources or commerce.

Countless American leaders from Clinton to Bush to Obama – and too many others have repeatedly promised the Armenian people that their betrayal at the hands of Turkey would be formally acknowledged by our government as literal genocide; only to then succumb to threats from Turkey if they did so. In contemplating all of this, I was struck powerfully by the factor of culpability. Simply, had we and the world acknowledged and addressed any of this with Turkey as we became aware DURING the conflict (& we were aware) – or even after … in any manner – Hitler most likely would have never attempted to implement his Final Solution against the Jews. The economy of indifference meant countless millions would die as Hitler ignited the flames of World War II. The thoughtful orderly manner in which the Turkish government carried out these atrocities reeks of Nazi efficiency. It is no wonder Nazi’s were so effective with such a clear model to follow.

armenian genocide 2It’s fascinating to hear Turkish leaders today refute the Armenian genocide. They really don’t argue that it happened. They just don’t want it called genocide – and they don’t want the formal blame, as a nation. They just want it to go away. Hearing Turkish officials address these matters is like stepping back in time to hear Nazi’s speak about their actions against the Jews … and Polish … and Hungarians … and so many others. In like fashion, the Turks carried out terrible atrocities against Greeks as well as Armenians, though not on the same scale.

The public notice I opened with was followed by directives to Turkish officials to redistribute this seized wealth among the Turkish elite. Very Nazi-esque. No country has more documented information pertaining to this historic event than the US; yet, it remains officially neutral for fear of offending the offender. That’s unacceptable and again, makes me ashamed as one of its citizens.

armenian genocide 4For a hundred years Turkey has collectively denied responsibility for this mass destruction of human life. Not lost on me is also, the fact that Armenians were Christian and the Turks were Muslim. As a Christian and simply as a human being, I don’t want to hate the Turkish people; but admittedly this is hard. My faith says that forgiveness must be extended regardless of what posture Turkey holds for its crimes. However, to not formally recognize these historic crimes against humanity is to become an accomplice of sorts. The Armenian people deserve our collective apology for officially ignoring their pain. Just as the world rightfully acknowledged Germany’s crimes against so many and subsequently held them accountable – so should the world hold Turkey accountable for their crimes against the Armenian people. For it was in reality a crime against us all.

Armenian National Institute website

A Better World

Jerbing - Worn Out WorldI’ve noticed my posts becoming progressively less frequent over the last couple of years. Common enough experience for most bloggers. I’m not sure the reasons are necessarily as common; perhaps. I am too often weighted by the world-wide. Specifically – I’m increasingly weighted by the growing impressions of all that makes up our shared daily presence on this globe. It seems with each successive spin the day breaks to fewer souls-of-substance and more souls-of-self. I hate to sound cliché but there are simply precious few leaders to respect, anymore; political, spiritual or otherwise. Visionaries going blind. Luminaries growing dim. Same shallow stale ideals marketed as fresh and substantial. Literal trash islands as large as Texas in any / all oceans. Species extinctions, ISIS and the next group of insane head-chopper-offr’s waiting to take their place. Russia doing the crazy cold-war crap they seem destined to keep doing. News of starving in the Sudan under headlines of Kardashian gossip. I’m glad I’m not 20 years old – and so damn sorry for those that are. They got a raw deal. We gave them a crappy world standing on it’s last crippled leg. We’re at that collective critical mark whereby a few short years of continued “progress” will all but ensure no reversal for good is really possible; and no one seems to really care. Normalcy bias on steroids

I pray we might each go into tomorrow with the simple goal of making a better world. Be kind – offer others help through extended love. I pray we would each genuinely listen for the loving voice of God to help us extend his love to each other; for the world is literally dying for it.


dg-main-2For years I’ve played a little game. I ask others if they had 5 minutes to pick 3 albums to take with them for a 6 month stay on an island — what albums would they select? Only one album has always remained on my personal list. David Gilmour’s first solo album. After some 35 yrs, it still resonates with me in some oddly perfect way. David Gilmour is of course the guitarist for Pink Floyd. Certainly, he is vastly more that simply the axe man in Pink Floyd; but that is his musical moniker. His signature presence in the rock world. Everyone has their own taste but for me, he is the quintessential blues-rock guitarist. At the risk of offending ardent Hendrix fans, the Fender Stratocaster was created for David Gilmour. I don’t say that simply as a fan of his playing style. Where I too, love Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower and countless other guitarists – there is music that can sometimes speak to very personal aspects of our makeup on the deepest levels and Gilmour’s guitar has always done that for me.


He has been a music constant in my life, throughout my life. I hopped on YouTube to listen to some of his tunes and was reminded that today is his birthday; March 6, 1948. I only got to see him play live once and doubt I will ever have that chance, again. My own birthday is tomorrow. He and I are both getting a bit long in the tooth. It’s been a good ride.


a day in a life

i read the news today – oh boy
about a lucky man who left this life
i bowed and wept and clenched my fists
and asked why him, not i
the story read plain and clear
a heart just stopped keeping pace
a last breath seeped from drying lips
a lucky man left the race
so sad, so many will surely find
this tale of life that ceased
so blind, so many says i
tree ddcthat fail to find the peace
too young, too soon, too loved they say
his life now, unfulfilled
as if this life were one thing more
than pain for those here, still

– t.e. davis

welcome home

my ultimate goal, his holy face to see
as i stand before him, nothing more than just me
to delight in the radiant love from his eyes
as he gazes on me
to fold into the protective strength of his arms
as he embraces me
to cherish the music in his splendid voice
as he speaks to me
welcome home my child, with whom i am well pleased

– a.n. davis-reynolds